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Hazel / Willow Hurdles

Screening off areas in a garden can be achieved in many ways such as growing a hedge, using a wooden lattice or fences.

Hedges are economical but take time to grow and can have a large width taking up ground space.

Recently my wife became frustrated with a laurel hedge we had hiding our oil tank, it was taking time to cut, time to dispose of the waste and was a taking up space which could maybe be reclaimed.

We live in a character property in the countryside so ruled out traditional shiplap type fences. After some deliberation we decided that a woven fence would offer a nice rustic feel and having large air spaces should not suffer that much when storms blow in.

We have never used a hurdle type fence before but measured the area and went to local fencing company to purchase some. Whilst opinions my vary on how best to fit them the fencing company told me that they used cable ties. I was a bit surprised but decided to give it a go, in many ways it made sense and would avoid drilling through the small canes to fix them to a post. The idea of using cable ties also appealed since it should offer a quick method of fixing the panels.

Using hazel hurdles wasn’t the cheapest of options and the fact you can’t cut the panels down meant some wastage with overlapping due to the small area we wished to cover. Having said that I like the rustic charm and feel that the area is now screened off but also that some planting in the foreground with annuals will help to provide some extra colour. We have planted a row of sun flowers in the reclaimed space, I love sunflowers they always make me happy when in flower.